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How to Write a Successful PhD: 11 Things Examiners Want

PhD thesis writing is difficult. However, it can be a lot easier if one follows criteria for effective writing that is highly appreciated by professors. This article provides a list of 11 points that examiners want to see in the thesis. This list is likely to help students improve their thesis writing and will be…

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How To Structure a PhD Literature Review

A PhD thesis writing typically starts from literature review as it is necessary to show the current state of affairs in a sphere of interest. It stipulates a lot of work since you will have to capture a broad range of literature in order to represent the scope of the research. PhD services may help…

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get published in an academic journal

How to Write an Article That Will Get Published by Top Academic Journals

Most researchers, regardless the sphere they work in, dream of being published in famous academic journals. The following tips may help in attaining this goal. 1. Interesting topic First of all, choose a topic that will be interesting for you. Interesting means that you will want to explore it thoroughly. You will be ready to…

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A 10-point quality checklist for your PhD thesis

A PhD thesis is normally a summary of a study of several years in length. It is highly important to present it in an appropriate way to convince the attestation commission that you are worthy of a degree. Here is a check list to help you with revising your thesis. 1. Problem and Research Question(s)…

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Hire professional dissertation writer

Why Hire a Professional Dissertation Writer?

A dissertation is one of the most substantial pieces of work that students are required to submit for the successful completion of their PhD. It is also a time-consuming and challenging task that needs countless research and advanced-level writing skills. While PhD students have all the skills and resources to write a dissertation, many times…

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writing a phd in business

Top Tips and Tactics for Writing a PhD in Business

A PhD in Business is usually pursued by the candidates willing to combine their academic careers with a deeper analysis of existing business concepts and theories. If your prior university studies were focused on a particular theoretical topic, it will make sense to continue exploring that area. A PhD can supercharge your academic career, making…

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Tips for Writing a PhD in Marketing

Usually, postgraduate students find doctoral programmes in Marketing more challenging due to the need to conduct extensive research among customer audiences. These projects are also characterised by the need to identify and formulate complex topics and research questions that are relevant, unique, and significant for multiple stakeholders including buyers, companies, and industry regulators. Even experienced…

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How Long Should Your PhD Dissertation Be?

A PhD dissertation is the essential part of a research-based degree since it reflects the student’s knowledge and experience in the field. However, there are some subtle areas that can be frustrating and misleading for many students PhD students. One of the key aspects of the dissertation is its length. Typically, the standard PhD dissertation…

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PhD Thesis Writing Tips

Many students make the mistake of looking for a single universal recommendation related to PhD writing. In reality, the quality of a thesis is usually determined by a combination of multiple elements including: Originality of the research. Novelty of the findings. In-depth analysis of the selected topic. New data that has not been used in…

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Different types of PhD

Students often have many questions about PhD’s. Is a doctoral degree a PhD? What’s the difference? The pinnacle of education is that of a PhD, doctorate qualification. But did you know that there are different types of PhDs, and how do you choose the right one for you and how can you get PhD help?…

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