Sample Paper

Sample PhD Work: A Reflective Statement  

Several weeks ago, I passed my Viva Voice and got my PhD, but I am still experiencing a real emotional high. It is very exciting and unusual to be referred to as ‘Dr.’, and it means a lot to me because it took so much to get to this point in my life. In this…

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Sample Thesis: Evaluating the Impact of Job Demands and Job Resources on Work-Related Stress and Burnout in Ethnic Minority Employees

Proposed Research Topic The proposed topic for this study is: ‘Evaluating the impact of job demands and job resources on work-related stress and burnout in ethnic minority employees’. Rationale and Problem Statement Human resources are widely considered one of the main business assets that help in gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage (Nahrgang et al.,…

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Sample Thesis: Introducing Modular Product Architecture for Consumer Behaviour and Organisational Performance: The Moderating Role of Sustainability – A Conceptual Framework

This study examines the relationship between modular product architecture and consumer behaviour and organisational performance. The moderating role of sustainability in this relationship is also investigated. The conceptual framework that demonstrates how these variables relate to each other is presented as follows.    Figure 1: Conceptual Framework Source: Based on Qudrat-Ullah (2018, 114), Hankammer et al.…

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