Checklist for Choosing a Suitable PhD Topic

Finding a suitable research topic is the first step of your PhD journey. It defines your choice of university programmes and may directly inform the willingness of top-level supervisors to work with you on your project. While many students think that this element may be revised slightly over the course of your programme, this approach…

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PhD Thesis Proposal Checklist


Research proposals are frequently classified as an ‘occluded’ genre of academic writing due to a number of reasons. On the one hand, they have a crucial role in the success or failure of your PhD projects. The inability to outline a realistic and interesting research direction and proposed objectives leads to declined offers and the…

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10 effective research tips for your PhD proposal

phd proposal writing

1. Choose a topic that is interesting for you The range of PhD dissertation topics can be broad, but you should choose a topic which would motivate you to bring the research to the end. Seek ideas for PhD thesis in your life ask yourself what you really want. Along with that, do not hesitate…

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