PhD Personal Statement Sample

Written by William P.

Coming from a family who made a living running a small business in India, I have a keen interest in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship PhD programme at the Imperial College Business School, London. With a strong academic background and practical experience in international business, I am looking to take my education further. By earning a PhD in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, I aim to contribute to the wider academic community and promote my family’s business tradition. In addition to this, my practical experience in small family business coupled with my background in formal business education will contribute to research at one of the world’s leading institutions, helping to discover and validate new theories in entrepreneurship and innovations.

My academic journey has been mostly focused on business studies. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA in Business Administration from the University of Mumbai. After my graduation, I started looking for academic opportunities that could help me gain an in-depth knowledge of the skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur. As a result, I joined the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business programme at Amity University, Mumbai. The programme gave me access to essential subjects in entrepreneurship, such as Global Business Strategy, International Trade Policies, Cross-Cultural Management, and Innovation Management. The deeply engaging and comprehensive curriculum of this programme helped me gain a solid understanding of the complexities and opportunities that are a part of global business operations. Subsequently, I was able to get a higher position in the class and ranked among the top 10% of students. Throughout my academic years I was able to successfully maintain my 4.0 GPA.

However, my academic journey was not limited to the classroom, and I participated in various extracurricular activities. As a part of my MBA studies, I undertook an independent research project titled ‘The Scope of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India’. The main objective of this study was to determine whether AI could make its way into the SME sector of the Indian economy. The study involved extensive data collection through surveys and interviews with SME owners and managers and a detailed analysis of AI-driven tools and strategies that help boost competitiveness. This project not only increased my understanding of digital business models but also highlighted the practical challenges and opportunities that SMEs face while adapting to the latest AI technologies.

My professional experiences have played a crucial role in shaping my ideas about international business and entrepreneurship. I had the opportunity to work at leading international business firms in Mumbai, where I have gained valuable insights into different fields of global business. As an intern at Epiroc Mining in Mumbai, I was involved in market research and analysis. My employment required me to focus on emerging market trends and competitive strategies. This position improved my analytical skills and gave me a hands-on understanding of international business. While working as a Business Development Executive at CSC Pharmaceuticals International, Mumbai, I was responsible for managing international client relationships and coordinating cross-border projects. This experience taught me the importance of effective communication and cultural understanding in international business scenarios. In my current role as a Project Lead at Gepach International, Mumbai, I am actively involved in strategic planning and business development. This job position has allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations.

Since I was young, I have watched my father, a first-generation entrepreneur, navigate the challenges and victories of entrepreneurship. His journey not only inspired me to set foot in the entrepreneurial world but also introduced a liking for innovation, resilience, and strategic thinking. By observing my father in his early years of struggle, I realised that setting up and running a business requires passion, dedication, determination, and adaptability. My aspiration is to integrate global best practices into our family business and make it ready for a rapidly evolving global market. A PhD in innovation and entrepreneurship will give me a platform to develop skills needed to enhance business competitiveness and sustainability in the international market while simultaneously building my own path as an academic expert.

My research interests are focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and their intersection with global business practices. I am specifically interested in conducting research on ‘Sustainable Innovation in Emerging Markets’. Through this research, I will be able to explore how entrepreneurial ventures can leverage innovation to achieve sustainable growth and competitive advantage in international markets. While pursuing my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, I also developed a keen interest in the theories of international trade, product lifecycle, and entrepreneurship. I am eager to apply these theories to my PhD research and explore the complexities involved in sustainable innovation.

After reviewing multiple research institutions and courses offered, I shortlisted the Imperial College Business School due to its diversified environment and experienced faculty. The latest research facilities at this institution will give me a platform to conduct research in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. As a part of my PhD selection process, I have been meticulously observing the projects undertaken by the faculty. The work of Professor Markus Perkmann on Institutional Arbitrage matches perfectly with my interests. I am excited about the potential opportunity of engaging with and learning from such well-known scholars. The school’s emphasis on bridging theory and practice aligns with my own professional and academic aspirations.

Upon completion of the PhD programme, I aim to pursue a dual career in academia and industry. In academia, I plan to stay committed to the academic community by contributing to the body of knowledge in innovation and entrepreneurship and mentoring future business leaders. In the business industry, I plan to apply my research and skills to real-world problems and assist small and medium enterprises, including my family business, to prosper in the global marketplace.

In conclusion, I am confident that my academic background, professional experiences, and personal dedication have equipped me for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship PhD programme at Imperial College Business School. I am excited to bring my passion for research and innovation to the prestigious institution and contribute meaningfully to the field of entrepreneurship.