Fair Use Policy

The ethical guidelines for using your model answers

Keeping away from plagiarism

Students often experience situations when they feel that they are losing control over their academic progress. For example, you have missed several important lectures, you do not completely under-stand the explanations of your tutor despite all your efforts, or a research area is totally new to you and you have no idea how to approach it. If you are in trouble then our 100% original dissertations, essays and other assignments that are created for your guidance may serve as the most powerful instrument to getting you back on track as quickly as possible. However, you need to realise that submitting works written by a third party to any educational institution as your own paper will be treated by the law as copyright infringement and you may experience negative academic consequences for this. We do not want you to encounter these problems and our professional writers are thoroughly committed to your academic success; they will be glad to support your independent exploration of the research topic but not replace it in any form. Your own interest is to obtain a clear understanding of the subject you are studying in order to successfully complete your course and this is exactly what our custom model answers are designed for. We are here to help you learn, not cheat.

How does our fair use policy apply to you?

Suggestions for using your model answers

After ordering your individually designed model answer from us, you can use it to:

  • Prepare for your examinations relying on the materials you receive from us as additional exam notes, which would clarify the contents of your module and assignment.
  • Study the referenced sources to better understand the academic background in your field of research and discover how the topic is developed in literature.
  • Develop your own research ideas using our notes as a starting point to support your arguments or build new ones.
  • Explore how the assignment question can be approached and answered by a professional researcher.

You should ensure that the writing you submit to your University is substantially reworked and based on your own creative vision and knowledge of the subject. By following this advice, you will get the best possible results from using our custom writing service.

Work originality statement

The individually designed model answers that you receive from us are 100% original and written in strict accordance with your requirements and order specifications. They will never be published online or offline, which means that they will not be recognised as plagiarism by your university plagiarism detection software. Nonetheless, you should understand that the writing style of our professional researchers and their choice of academic sources may be different from yours, which may be considered suspicious by your tutor. This is another reason why we strongly recommend that you use our model answers strictly as a reference for developing your own original writing and your own arguments.

The submission of any work performed by other researchers in an unaltered form, or passing off the words of other persons as your own is considered an act of plagiarism. The same refers to all slightly modified or paraphrased texts. This fair use policy suggests that you should properly use our individually designed model answers only as examples. Otherwise, you will not be able to learn more about your research topic, improve your writing skills and enjoy all benefits of acquiring your own academic experience.

Reasons for purchasing our model answers

Academic pressure during your education may be immense and we know this better than anyone else. You are expected to study the course materials, read all additional sources and develop your own perspective on the subject that should be respectful towards the existing body of knowledge and genuine in its contribution to it. This is a formidable challenge that may be even more difficult to meet if your tutors do not provide any reference examples of what they expect to see in your answer.

The advantage of ordering our model answers is that a professional researcher will guide you through the whole writing process, account for all relevant theories in your research field and demonstrate how you should approach your research questions. Our model answers are specifically designed to be the best form of reference for your own research and also an example of how your own answers should be formulated. However, every researcher is unique, and we recommend that you should use our help as a source of inspiration to start your own academic journey.

You can contact our Customer Service department if you have any further questions concerning our fair use policies or any other information about the terms and conditions of our services.